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Request Form Imaging Solution

The Canterbury Health Laboratories Request Form Imaging solution is a suite of applications which enable the scanning and viewing of patient request forms.

RFI is a licensed product available for purchase by interested parties. Current users of RFI include CHL and HBDHB. Contact the Canterbury Health Laboratory Information Services Manager for details.

The Request Form Imaging solution developed by Canterbury Health Laboratories consists of:

The Request Form Image Viewer:

This consists of the RFI viewer and Barcode Labelling software. This is the primary application in the RFI suite which is used to display request forms and / or print barcode labels. The Request Form Viewer can be used as a standalone application to view request form images or the Viewer can be triggered from within Latte and Delphic AP.

The Request Form Image Copy software:

This application picks up the scanned image, detects the barcode on the request form, orientates and files it accordingly on the RFI Server or returns the failed image to the source process.

The Request Form Scanning software:

Required only if the scanner used is not networked. This program retrieves the request form image and places it in a network share to be processed by the Request Form Image Copy application.

RFI Failure Viewer:

This application scans the appropriate network folder for request form images that have an unreadable barcode. This software allows the user to manually enter the barcode identifier for filing.


  • Request Forms no longer have to be photocopied saving both time and money for Registration Departments
  • Request Forms are available to all staff and are accessible immediately from any laboratory terminal with RFI Viewer installed
  • Request Forms can be printed from the RFI Viewer if required
  • Barcode Labels can be generated from the RFI Viewer for labelling sample aliquots tubes
  • Additional information can be appended to the original request



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