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Labnet is an alliance of public sector pathology laboratories who have agreed to work together in order to benefit from common systems and economies of scale, which will improve, promote and protect the services which they provide.

The Labnet website promotes shared training by advertising upcoming talks and presentations through the Education Schedule. Labnet partners can attend these sessions through Telepaeds.

Canterbury Health Laboratories has developed its own in-house Request Form Imaging solution for scanning and displaying electronic copies of the request form. The system developed has proved to be extremely robust and user friendly. It is now being used by Canterbury Health Laboratories and Hawke's Bay Laboratory. Staff find the system very robust and user friendly. It can be used standalone or it can be linked into the the Sysmex Delphic System. For more information on our Request Form Imaging solution please click here.

Test Manager is an online application which is used to display Canterbury Health Laboratories test information. Information is managed by staff and changes are seen by users as information is updated. This application has proved to very effective in ensuring the most up to date information is available for clients. If you are interested in finding out more about Test Manager click here.

Members of Labnet are able to access documentation and training material on shared applications. Unless you are a member of Labnet then you will not be able to register on this site. If you have any queries over your Labnet registration or you would like to find out more about what Labnet can offer, please email the Canterbury Health Laboratories Web Author.



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