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Canterbury Health Laboratories User Group 2009 Presentations

Presentation Author
Future Forum: Pathology Industry Crystal Ball Gazing Robert Michel - Editor In Chief, The Dark Report (USA)
Where is the Health System Heading? Chris Mules, Programme Director, Ministry of Health, New Zealand.
The Future of Pathology Trevor English, General Manager, CHLabs
Welcome Trevor English, General Manager, CHLabs
Improving the value - how can we achieve this is today's market? Robert Michel - Editor In Chief, The Dark Report (USA)
Why do we need to improve the value? Ed Wilson, Management Consultant, ED Wilson Pty, Ltd (AUS)
What is value? Cost versus the market! David Tinkler, CEO, Emendo
Why clinicians really want to know you: bridging the information gap. Dr Geoff Shaw, Intensive Care Specialist, CDHB & Dr Martin Than, Emergency Specialist, CDHB
What is the value of the laboratory in clinical terms? Richard Gearry, Gastroenterology Consultant, CDHB

Presentation Author
Workshop One
Lean Inaction to Lean In Action: Putting Theory Into Practice- Process Improvement Workshop. Kevin Taylor, Quality Manager, CHLabs, Cheryl Mckinna, Xcelr8 Facilitator, CDHB
Workshop Two
Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Fact or Fiction. Myles Buckland-Jones, Labs IS Manager, CHLabs, Mark Cox - Business Development Manger, Sysmex, Dougal Mckechnie, Manager Health Information, Sysmex
Health Information Strategy for New Zealand Dougal Mckechnie, Manager Health Information, Sysmex

Presentation Author
Scientific Session
A case of Pseudo Addisons disease. Professor Chris Florkowski, Chemical Pathologist, CHLabs.
Using cytogenetic and molecular changes to stratify treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia. Dr Liam Fernyhough, Haematology Consultant, CDHB.
Molecular approaches to MRSA. Dr Anja Werno, Medical Microbiologist, CHLabs.
A pathway approach to PWS and Angelmans syndrome. Andrew Fellowes, Section Head, Molecular Pathology, CHLabs.
Molecular adventures in pregnancy. Professor Peter George.

Presentation Author
Final Session - What's new at CHLabs
Workforce Initiatives Sue Carnoutsos, Operational, Development Facilitator, CHLabs.
CHLabs - A celebration of the things we do well, Service Delivery by CHL. Kirsten Beynon, Operations Manager, CHLabs



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