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Published 27/07/10, supersedes
version 0.7
Published 22/12/11, supersedes
version 1.3
SIQAG Biochemistry Terms of Reference Link SIQAG Biochemistry Reference Intervals Document link
Biochemistry Terms Of Reference version 0.8 (PDF) (76.5kb) SIQAG Biochemistry Reference Intervals version 1.5 (PDF)(840.76kb)


To review and ensure the on-going comparability of Biochemistry reference intervals between the South Island laboratory providers sending results into the Éclair Regional Results repository.


  1. To maintain the SIQAG Biochemistry reference interval document which details what tests are deemed comparable, current agreed reference intervals / units and the analysers used to perform these tests at each of the laboratory service providers. This document will be maintained by the incumbent Chairperson and it is the responsibility of all SIQAG Biochemistry members to ensure that it is kept current.
  2. To be proactive in reviewing the comparability of reference intervals wherever possible with a focus on agreeing reference intervals nationally if possible.
  3. To run comparative studies using patient samples to confirm comparability and in line with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines ‘Verification of comparability of patient results within one health care system; approved guideline.”
  4. To promote the use of LOINC codes locally for cumulating results in Éclair.
  5. To facilitate discussion with other relevant external groups as appropriate with a view to promoting the use of agreed reference intervals.

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