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Test Identifier Information

Registration CodeTVPC

Real-time  PCR for T.vaginalis DNA

Diagnostic Use / Indications

Trichomonas vaginalis is a common cause of sexually acquired infections which in women can be non-specific, but may include vaginal discharge, vaginitis and irritation. Approximately 50-80% of women infected with T.vaginalis are asymptomatic. Infections in pregnancy may result in sequelae such as preterm labour and premature rupture of membranes. In men T.vaginalis is an important cause of urethritis.

NEW TRICHOMONAS RAPID TEST NOW AVAILABLE: The OSOM Trichomonas Rapid Test detects T. vaginalis antigens from vaginal swabs. It consists of a colour immunochromatographic antigen/antibody dipstick assay, with results available in 10 minutes. The performance of this test has not been established with samples other than vaginal swabs. Specificity ranges from 95%-99%, and sensitivity ranges from 75%-100%. It has an added advantage of being able to detect non-live T. vaginalis.

Trichomonas vaginalis guidelines (updated Dec 2019)

External Price$62.62(Exclusive of GST)

Specimen Collection

Pre-Testing Requirements

T. vaginalis is required to be specifically  requested and is no longer part of a duplex with M.genitalium. Sample collection remains the same.

Specimen Collection Protocols

Swab Identification Guide 

Sample collection as per Chlamydia trachomatis protocol.
Please use multi -collect specimen collection kit for swab samples This is available from  Customer services Canterbury Health Laboratories 0800 THE LAB(843 522).
Swabs in Amies transport media are UNSUITABLE for PCR but correct choice for the rapid immunochromatographic assay.
Sample:Urethra , vaginal/cervical swabs and first void urine.
Swab samples may also be sent in Universal transport media (UTM). Other collection systems please contact the lab
Patient SpecimenGenital swabs and first void urine
Sample Delivery to Labsend at 4 C ASAP

CHLabs Laboratory

Contact Details** Unknown email address **
Contact Phone Number03-3640416 / ext. 80416
Test Availabilityweekly
Turnaround Time7-10 days


"T.vaginalis DNA detected" indicates the presence of T.vaginalis in the sample.
"T.vaginalis DNA not detected indicates that T.vaginalis was not present in the sample or at levels lower than the assays detection level.
PCR inhibitors detected indicates an invalid negative PCR result and a repeat sample may be required.
Additional Information

Do not submit swabs in bacterial transport  media for PCR. Urine samples should be stored at 4 C and sent to CHL within 72 hours. Swab samples in viral transport media can be stored at 4 C for up to a week.



Delphic Number Test Number8300

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