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Cervical smear specimens are collected and the head of the sampling device is placed directly into a SurePath collection vial.

From the SurePath vials, cellular material collected from the sampling device is processed through a series of laboratory steps before being transferred onto a glass microscope slide and stained. The resulting slide has a uniform  monolayer of cells for cytological examination using the FocalPoint GS Imaging System.

Diagnostic Use / Indications

Screening for cervical cancer and its precursor lesions to allow for early treatment and prevention of cervical cancer.

External Price$32.82(Exclusive of GST)

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection Protocols

Collect cells from the cervix using a sampling device and then detach the head of the sampling device into the SurePath collection vial for 100% cell collection:

Cervibroom = place the the head of the broom in the os of the cervix and make 5 clockwise rotations to collect cells.

Cervibrush = place the the head of the brush within the endocervical canal and make 1 clockwise rotation to collect cells (to be used for suspected endocervical abnormalities e.g. AGUS; AIS ; Adenocarcinoma)

Combi-broom = place the head of the combi-broom within the os of the cervix and make 2 clockwise rotations to collect cells.

Ensure specimens are properly labelled with surname and first name and NHI/DOB, and accompanied with a matching referral form, otherwise specimens will be rejected and not processed.


Patient Specimen Cervical smear
Sample Delivery to LabPlace in CHL chilly-bin for pickup

CHLabs Laboratory

DepartmentAnatomical Pathology - Cytology
Contact Details Email Email
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Contact Phone Number(03) 3640580
Test AvailabilityMon - Fri, business hours.
Turnaround Time90% in 7 working days. 99% in 15 working days.
Reference Interval

Contact Lab ext. 80580


Refer to the NCSP Cervical Screening Programme website for details.

Additional Information

Test-adding HPV can be for done up to 4 weeks after the original SurePath specimen was collected.

Samples are stored for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Please note: Canterbury Health Laboratories is required by law to send all cervical smear cytology results to the National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP). The NCSP will unload all results onto the register unless a woman herself has formally withdrawn.


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