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The genetic markers used in the commercially available ABI AmpFlSTR Identifiler Kit are tetranucleotide repeat sequences derived from a range of different chromosomes. Fluorescent dye labelled primers are used to amplify 16 marker loci in a single multiplex PCR reaction. The PCR products are separated by capillary electrophoresis on the ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyser and the raw data interpreted using the ABI GeneMapper software.

Diagnostic Use / Indications

Genetic testing of prenatal chorionic villus (CVS) samples for mutations is an essential component of diagnostic services. In order to ensure that an identified mutation is genuinely of foetal origin, i.e. from the CVS tissue, a method is required to distinguish between foetal and maternal DNA. An effective and efficient procedure involves the use of highly polymorphic microsatellite markers such as are found in the ABI AmpFlSTR Identifiler Kit.

Constituent TestsGenomic DNA Extraction ;
External Price$615.45(Exclusive of GST)

Specimen Collection

Patient SpecimenPlease contact the Laboratory
Sample Delivery to LabSame day or overnight courier, ambient

CHLabs Laboratory

DepartmentBiochemistry - Molecular Pathology
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Turnaround TimeWithin 5 days

The AMPFlSTR Identifiler kit contains 15 short tandem repeat markers that are highly polymorphic tetranucleotide repeats. The number of allele sizes of each marker in the general population varies between 8 to over 28. The high polymorphic frequency of each marker means that the probability of finding two people with identical allele sizes for each marker is approximately one chance in 8 billion. This level of heterogeneity means that the AMPlFSTR Identifiler kit guarantees that DNA profiling can be used to distinguish any two people from the general population with the exception of monozygotic twins.

Additional Information
  1. This genetic test needs nucleated cells. Please don’t centrifuge or freeze the EDTA blood tube.
  2. Genomic DNA must be extracted from the specimen prior to testing. This incurs an additional charge (see GDNA). Laboratories may prefer to submit DNA for testing. Please provide a minimum of 5 micrograms of DNA at 20 nanograms / microlitre.
Delphic Number Test Number6595

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