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Test Identifier Information

Registration CodeTGFN

Beckman-Coulter Access analyser (ICMA)

Diagnostic Use / Indications

An adjunct test to cytological examination of fine needle aspiration specimens in athyrotic individuals treated for differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). FLuids other than saline washes require prior consultation with a CHLabs Pathologist.

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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection Protocols

After biopsy and expulsion of the material for cytology:

1. Wash each needle from a single lymph node nodule with 0.1 - 0.5 ml lots of normal saline, then combine the washings from a single node into a tube and cap it. The recommended volume is 0.5 - 1.0 ml per node, maximum 1.5 ml.

2. Centrifuge the specimen if there is visible blood or tissue. Transfer supernatant to a new tube.

3. Freeze for transport.

If more than one node is biopsied, the washings from each node must be submitted as separate specimens.

Patient SpecimenSee specimen sample protocol
Paediatric SpecimenNA

Instructions for Referral to CHLabs

Aliquot Instructions1.0 - 1.5 ml
Aliquot Transport to CHLFrozen

CHLabs Laboratory

DepartmentEndocrinology Laboratory
Contact Details Email Email
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Contact Phone Number (03) 364 0848 l x80848
Test AvailabilityBatched twice weekly - urgent testing by arrangement
Turnaround Time1 - 4 days

1. A recent study reported that a TG cut-off of 1 ug/L for FNA-needle wash specimens provided 100% sensitiviy and 96.2% specificity for the detection of metastatic thyroid carcinoma in lymph nodes - refer J.CLin.Endocrinol.Metab. 2007; 92 (11): 4278 - 4281. This cut-off applies only to total needle wash volumes of <1.5 ml of normal saline.

2. FNA-TG levels should not be interpreted as absolute evidence of presence or absence of malignant disease. Results should be used in conjunction with clinical evaluation, cytology and imaging procedure information.

3. The test has been validated only in single lymphnodes from athyrotic patients.

4. FNA-TG should not be used to screen asymptomatic individuals for neoplastic disease.

5. TG may be undetactable in some undifferentiated metastases and cytology should be performed.

6. The adequacy of the biopsy sample, wash volume and matrix may affect the reported TG concentration.

Uncertainty of Measurement

0.1 ug/L for <1 ug/L

10% for >1 ug/L

Delphic Number Test Number8849

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