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Test Identifier Information

Registration CodeCSPU

Cytological examination of slides.

Specimens have a CytoRich Red + DTT solution added to break up mucus and preserve cells, this is left for 30mins. Specimens are gently shaken/vortexed, centrifuged with cellular material from the cell pellet transferred onto glass slides, fixed and stained for cytological examination under a microscope.
Diagnostic Use / Indications

Cytological examination of well-preserved cellular material for the detection of normal and/or atypical cell changes affecting the specimen site.


External Price$63.70(Exclusive of GST)

Specimen Collection

Pre-Testing Requirements

Rinse mouth with water first.

Sputum collected first thing in the morning over 3 days is the ideal specimen. Physiotherapist assistance may be required to dislodge mucus from the lung's airspaces to achieve a good deep cough specimen.

Specimen Collection Protocols

Good deep cough sputa, not saliva should be collected in a screw-capped specimen pottle.

Please ensure that the cap is closed to ensure specimen does not leak in transit.


If specimens are delayed or late in the day, please refrigerate (4 degrees Celsius) and send immediately the next day.

If Micobiology tests are also required, please fill out a CHL General Laboratory Request form as well, and send both forms and specimen to CHL Specimen Registration.

Specimens MUST be properly labelled with full name and NHI or full name and date of birth, and accompanied with a matching request form. 

Patient SpecimenDeep cough sputum
Sample Delivery to LabASAP. If specimens are delayed or late in the day, please refrigerate (4 degrees Celsius) and send immediately the next day.

Instructions for Referral to CHLabs

Aliquot InstructionsRefrigerate if delay eg. weekends

CHLabs Laboratory

DepartmentAnatomical Pathology - Cytology
Contact Details Email Email
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Contact Phone Number(03) 3640580
Test AvailabilityMon - Fri, business hours.
Turnaround Time4-5 working days

Pathologists will cytologically examine collected material and assess the morphology of the cellular material to determine the diagnosis.

Additional Information

Test-adding Cytology can be done up to 7 days on the original specimen, BUT delays in fixation may make cytological examination and interpretation difficult. A repeat sample may be advisable in this situation, if easily obtainable.

Samples are stored in a refrigerator until reported (usually within 7 days) before being discarded.
Delphic Number Test Number9706

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